"Tree of Life"

Another commission, completed in acrylic paint and black pen. I really like how it turned out, although it did take a while to finish.

My painting from the exhibition two weeks ago. I really enjoyed working on it, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. And I like how you have to view it from the right angle to see the circuitry too.

The reason for the painting was to express my love of honey bees. They’re such beautiful animals, and the networks of their lives; their dances, society, engineering, bodies and molecular biology, are all a continuous source of inspiration for me.

Honeycomb, 2013 (acrylic on recycled canvas)

So, I finished my painting in time. But I forgot to take a picture before I submitted it to the exhibition. Darn. Oh well, maybe I’ll post up some pictures of it hanging up in the gallery?

It’s past midnight and I’m painting when I should be studying for a soil science test. Almost finished!

More extinct animals, in the same design as my thylacine and paradise parrot. The one on the left is a great auk, a large sea bird which was driven to extinction by hunting. The one on the right is a lesser bilby, which was killed by introduced animals and trapping. Apparently, they used to fight back ferociously when they were caught.

It’s rather disturbing when you’re working on a painting, and you realise that the main feature is only visible when viewed from a particular angle/lighting. I can’t decide if this is a success or a failure…..

Took this while walking home through a thunderstorm. A tower in the clouds.

A blue ringed octopus.

Sketches of hornwort tissue.

Problem: It’s the night before Christmas, and I don’t have any wrapping paper.

Solution: Draw my own wrapping paper.

Have a great Christmas everyone!